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Our Guarantee & Promise to You…

Happy Clam Store  © All Rights Reserved   2010 - 2017    Fun Stuff.  Fun Life.  Simi Valley, Ventura County, California

Toy Postal Truck is available at Happy Clam Store's Toy Car Dealership

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How soon will I get my package of Fun Stuff delivered?

We usually ship orders within 24 hours - unless we need additional info from you about your order. If so, please respond as soon as humanly possible to any emails or phone messages from us so there’s no further delay with us getting your Fun Stuff out. Once we ship, you’ll be emailed a USPS Tracking Number so you can keep an eye on your package’s progress towards your Home Sweet Home.

Can you ship quicker than Standard Post (3 - 7 days)?

Although our shipping selection right now is for USPS Standard Post only, almost all our packages go out Priority Mail at no extra cost to our customers (2 - 3 days delivery), excluding Sundays and Holidays.

We ship orders from Simi Valley in Southern California and will email you a USPS Tracking Number.

Customers on the East Coast usually receive their packages within 3-4 days.

Central States customers, 2-3 days.

West Coast customers, usually within 1-2 days. Alaska and Hawaii, being rather far-flung regions may take extra days.

These estimates are based on over 6 years experience with USPS handling Happy Clam Store’s outgoing shipping.

Shipping time may vary depending on exact location, weather or so-called acts of God, riots and protests, bathroom breaks, bad traffic, and hangnails.

Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Lately, we’re being asked this question more often by international folks anywhere from Canada, Australia, England, Italy, Sweden, India to Russia. Unfortunately, at this time, we’re only shipping within the 50 States. However, we’re working on finding an inexpensive alternative shipping method to accommodate fun-loving folks worldwide.

Can you email or text me additional photos of a product before I make a purchasing decision?

Yeppers. We know it’s important that you really get a feel for a product that you’re only viewing online.

We’ll be happy to email or text you additional photos showing details, close-ups, or different angles of a product.  Personalized service is how we do, yo.

Anytime you have a question about a product or our service, give us a call or TEXT us at 805.433.4351.

We’d love to chat with you.

What if I want to order more of an item than what you currently have in stock?

We can let you know how soon the product will be restocked. Don’t be shy - call or text us at 805.433.4351 or Email Us in advance if you might need a specific quantity of Fun Stuff for a party or other entertaining event. We’ll be happy to Special Order products for you. Just give us a heads up if possible 2 to 3 weeks in advance of your event.

Will there be a Happy Clam brick-and-mortar store in Simi Valley any time soon?

Our online store continues to grow after 6 years, so our Magic 8-Ball says “signs point to yes.” We look forward to that happy day when we can watch playful, young-at-heart folks and kids come in, laugh and point at stuff, and marvel at all things hilarious and goofy.


Our Toy Postal Service Truck is available at our Toy Car Dealership - Happy Clam StoreAnne Taintor Sticky Notes are available in the Gift Shop - Happy Clam Store